Spice things up with Ayurvedic herbs for Valentines day!

There are many Ayurvedic herbs and spices known for their rejuvenation and aphrodisiac effects that can kick things up a notch for Valentine's day. Outside of proprietary blends, Ayurveda has simple spice suggestions that are easy to find and taste delicious. Nutmeg, clove, cardamom, and ginger are common in most pantries and mixed together as a “chai” is an easy and enjoyable way to enhance libido.  

Nutmeg is known in Ayurveda as “Women’s Viagra”. This almost overpowering aromatic spice is warming and pacifies Vata and Kapha and increases Pitta. It supports blood flow and circulation. Clove enhances attraction and boosts overall libido. It has been used in India and in many other parts of Asia for many centuries. Cardamon is a Tridoshic spice and balances energy and blood flow. It has a very sweet taste, providing energy and vigor. Ginger has an overall warming effect on the body, it boost circulation, helps to pacify Vata and Kapha and increases Pitta.

Two renowned Ayurvedic herbs known for their rejuvenation and aphrodisiac effects are Ashwaganda and Shatavari. Ashwagandha, a plant in the nightshade family, is one of Ayurveda’s most highly acclaimed adaptogens, increasing or decreasing stress hormones such as cortisol, depending on the body’s needs. It has the ability to energize the body when it needs it during the day, and calm overactive nerves for restful sleep at night. Ayurveda suggests this herb is very effective in men. Shatavari or asparagus racemosus, is derived from the roots of “wild asparagus” and is used in dried root or powder form as a tonic for the female reproductive system and can be used throughout a woman’s life.

These two herbs combined with the suggested Ayurvedic spices are a natural way to build vitality, energy and vigor for both sexes. Enjoy this aromatic and delicious recipe to spice things up a bit. Or use it regularly to maintain overall health and vitality in everyday life.

Mix & Store

1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon clove
2 teaspoons of cardamom
2 teaspoons of ginger
1 tablespoon Ashwaganda
1 tablespoon Shatavari

Use 1/2 teaspoon boiled for 5 minutes in 1 cup of milk. Use the milk of your choice, fresh cow, almond or coconut.



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