Natural & Rejuvenating Wellness Therapies

All our wellness spa techniques are based upon authentic Ayurvedic principles supporting balance and health in life. These revitalizing and therapeutic procedures are customized to your particular needs, allowing optimal balance and nourishment for your personal mind-body constitution. Ayurvedic services are very different from other spa and massage services. Each technique use a copious amount of organic herbalized oils, herbal mixtures, and essential oils, creating a deeply holistic experience. Each session is given by two technicians (4 hands) and is deeply health supporting and delightfully pleasing.

It is our belief to only use the most pure and highest grade organic products in all of our services, through this we adhere to genuine Ayurvedic practices of health. -Kathy Jo Staheli, Founder

 Ayurvedic Spa Services

A warm herbal oil massage designed to bring nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind. The emphasis is on lubricating and invigorating the body while stimulating both arterial and lymphatic circulation for a whole body deep relaxation and rejuvenation.       

Ayurvedic Facial                                                                                                                                                                         
The Purusha Ayurveda facial is the ultimate indulgence. It uses the most luxurious dosha specific fresh organic products. This product line is a specialty of Purusha Ayurveda. The facial includes a neck, shoulder, arm massage, essential oil extraction cleanser, herbal exfoliate, facial massage and steam, antioxidant-rich mask, toner and moisturizer application.

This powerful exfoliating treatment conditions the skin while stimulating the hair follicles, subcutaneous fat tissues while releasing stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body. Udwarnthanam is a refreshing technique that helps to reduce cholesterol, obesity, fat storage and balances many skin conditions. 

Choorna Pinda Swedana                                                                                                                                                            
A circulation-enhancing treatment helpful in reducing stiffness, joint pain, injuries, rheumatism and high cholesterol while profoundly relaxing the muscles. In this procedure, herbal oil is applied to the entire body, followed by a unique technique that uses warm boluses packed with herbs.

A simple yet profound technique used for balancing and stabilizing the nervous system and the activities of the mind. Warm herbal oil is streamed over the forehead taking you on a journey deep within. Shirodhara is highly effective in normalizing sleep cycles, reducing stress and insomnia. Calming the nerves while at the same time awakens the senses.

Marma Point Technique                                                                                                                                                                      Marma points are vital points located on the body where muscles, nerves, blood vessels, joint ligaments and bones meet. The proper stimulation of these points with light pranic healing touch with essential oil balances the flow of the entire body. This technique addresses stress, muscle pain, immune system support and to support the body in a state of balance and peace.

Bashpa Sweda  add on                                                                                                                                                                            
An exquisite herbal steam technique using 15 different Ayurvedic herbs that will leave you feeling clear, rejuvenated and deeply moisturized. This special Ayurvedic steam chamber helps to clear the channels, relax the muscles and nurture the senses. Only offered as an add-on service.

Spa Packages

Our luxurious head, face, and full body Abhyanga followed with Shirodhara then Bashpa Swedana. Making the perfect combination to experience complete bliss, leaving you grounded, balanced and deeply nourished. This package will allow the nervous system and the activities of the mind to fade away while supporting the clearing of physical channels, relaxation to the muscles and nurture the senses.

Abhyanga, Udwarthanam, and Ayurvedic Facial provide a pure solution for full body, clear, smooth, radiant skin. This combination also has an internal cleansing effect and enhance circulation and blood flow, creating radiance from the inside out. It is deeply relaxing and nurturing.

Couples Package                                                                                                                                                                             
Our couples package is perfect for a day together of relaxation and rejuvenation. First, your treatment will start with an Ayurvedic herbal bath and tea service together. After, you will each receive a full body Abhyanga followed by Udwarnthanam providing the complete Ayurvedic experience.




*Please note in our Panchakarma retreats we offer many more Ayurvedic spa technique services that are not listed here.