Why Ayurveda?

You may ask, why Ayurveda? There are many health practices available to us in our modern time. It can seem hard and overwhelming to understand which practice would be the most effective. What is great about Ayurveda, is that it is a complete Medical Health Science that focuses on individualized health plans. Meaning that each person is recognized differently from the next. With in this flexibility, practitioners can develop the right plan providing the client with long term and practical solutions.

Ayurveda is a noninvasive and natural and has a preventative and restorative approach along with disease management programs.  Since it is an entirely natural system, it heals the body and mind while focuses on the body as a whole, not isolating an imbalance and only "treating" singular imbalances, in doing this, you ensure other systems in the body do not become out of balance as well.

It is used for detoxification and rejuvenation and provides individual daily lifestyle guidance and practices and different nutrition programs for each person. It also incorporates exercise practices and yoga therapy. All of these things combined can provide optimal health that is relevant to our modern times.



Why Ayurveda?

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Purusha Ayurveda

Course Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. History of Ayurveda
  3. Why Ayurveda?
  4. Fundamental Philosophy
  5. The Five Elements
  6. The Elemental Attributes
  7. What is a Dosha?
  8. Understanding the Doshas
  9. Discovering your Prukriti
  10. Balancing the Dosha



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