Panchakarma Technician Certification

Panchakarma Technician Certification



Panchakarma is a process of cleansing and rejuvenating the system based on the ancient system of Ayurveda. It incorporates various bodywork techniques and is customized for individuals based on their constitution and health condition to allow healing at the deepest level.

This 250 hr Panchakarma Technician Certification program covers theoretical and practical training and methods of implementation, as outlined in the Vedic texts in a blend of online learning and in-class practical experience and clinical encounters. Classroom sessions consist of 2 weeks of onsite intensive training and is supplemented by recorded lectures on our e-learning system and assignments. Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a Panchakarma Technician Certificate.


  • Students must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

  • It is recommended to be an Allied Health Professional with a “license to touch” according to State regulations.

  • This program meets the competencies outlined by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). It is required to have an AHC (level I) certification* in conjunction with the Panchakarma Technician Certification to be a NAMA member.

This program is designed for:

  • Licensed Healthcare Practitioners & Healers, Ayurvedic Wellness Professionals, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers and Estheticians may enhance their treatments, services and products.

  • Entrepreneurs who may develop Ayurvedic products for Panchakarma therapies.

  • Someone seeking a job as an Ayurvedic Technician at an Ayurvedic wellness center, spa or resort.

Dates: TBA

Please note: This certification is not a “license” to practice Panchakarma. Purusha Ayurveda provides the knowledge and skill training necessary to become a competent Panchakarma technician to support an Ayurvedic Doctor in the application of Panchakarma. All students of this program must verify and comply with all local rules and regulations governing aspects of Panchakarma practice.

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