Panchakarma Preparations and Expectations

Our Panchakarma program is designed and custom-tailored to your current state of health, wellness, and constitution. It is the starting point to manage and improve your health and wellness pro-actively. Personal attention is given to each guest’s specific needs, dosha, and imbalances. 

Benefits of Panchakarma:

  • Eliminate toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind.

  • Prevents disease process and corrects imbalance.

  • Promotes ultimate wellness by building immunity, becoming more resistant to illness.

  • Reverse the adverse effects of stress on your body.

  • Slows the aging process. 

  • Provides genuinely needed rest & relaxation.

  • Offers mental clarity and increased concentration. 

  • Enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, and vitality.

  • Deepens self-awareness & spirituality and brings a sense of well-being.

  • Clears emotional stagnation and allows you to experience inner joy

  • Helps develop a consistent daily routine that includes yoga, meditation, and self-care.

Possible Effects of Panchakarma:

While Panchakarma is a physical process, it affects the body, mind, and spirit. When you begin your pre-PK preparation before you arrive here, you may start to notice shifts in your self-awareness. During PK, your self-awareness may increase even further. It is not uncommon for unresolved issues to come up which can sometimes make one feel upset or uncomfortable, and sometimes de-toxifying can be physically uncomfortable. It is essential that you tell the PK staff of these feelings so that we can assist you in this process.

Some of the emotions you may experience may be sadness, grief, anger, happiness, joy or others. It is possible that you may become aware of issues in your life that had been buried or unresolved. Panchakarma may catalyze and also resolve and release these emotions. The more aware you are of unresolved issues in your life, the more effective PK can be. Additional meditation, yoga, and pranayama practices can be effective ways to help release these issues from the mind and body.

Pre Panchakarma Recommendations:

At least one week before you begin:

  • Try to wean off of caffeine and alcohol.

  • Avoid foods that are packaged (with additives & preservatives), as well as leftovers, canned, frozen, and fried foods.

  • Reduce intake of refined sugars, yeasted bread, and heavy cheeses.

  • Try for a vegetarian diet (avoid red meat & pork especially) occasional fish and poultry are allowed if needed.

  • If you are using any medication, you must bring sufficient amount needed for the length of your stay. Mexico does not allow the purchase of medicines without prescriptions.

  • Drink warm ginger, cumin, fennel and coriander tea through out the day 3 days before arriving

During Panchakarma:

  • You will need as much rest as possible. This is a time you set aside to heal.

  • Try to avoid stressful activities of daily life. It is recommended that you minimize the workload, mentally as well. 

  • Try to let relative and coworkers know that you are in retreat and would like to avoid cell phone and email interruptions as much as possible.

  • Panchakarma is an excellent time to try and take a “media fast,” where we disengage from computers, TV, phones, etc. as best we can. We are also attempting to clear the electromagnetic bombardment that we are constantly exposed to in the modern world.

  • Do not plan too many extra activities during the Panchakarma.

  • While during your Panchakarma program, it is advised to conserve energy. Gentle Yoga and Nature walks are ideal. Guided Ayurvedic Morning routines, yoga, and meditation are offered daily. 

  • Most people find that after their daily 2-3 hour Ayurvedic session at the Ayurveda Center, they like to go to their room and rest. They often want to lie down and read, write in their journal, meditate, or quietly play an instrument. 

  • We recommend bringing lightweight, natural clothing to wear during your stay. Our yoga deck is covered but is outside. For morning yoga it is best to bring clothes that will keep you warm and comfortable in the fresh morning air. The weather is generally very lovely without many extremes. The daytime can be warm and the evening can be cool, clothes that you can layer when needed are recommended.

Post Panchakarma:

  • On the last day of your PK program, you will receive the post Panchakarma recommendations.

  • You will be given a list of foods, herbs and self-massage oils based on your body type or your imbalances. 

  • You will be asked to take Rasayana, longevity herbal remedies to rejuvenate and build strong, healthy tissue for 21 days post-panchakarma.

  • It is advised to follow the lifestyle recommendations and routine as closely as possible to achieve the full benefits of your Panchakarma program.

  • Panchakarma is an ongoing process that continues even after you complete your program here at Purusha Ayurveda. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects may be experienced in the weeks and months following PK. It is important to recognize that these effects are a positive cleansing and to process them consciously.