So Hum Mantra

According to both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the So Ham mantra is considered to be the vibration of the cosmic unheard AUM and produces a union between the individual and universal consciousness. “So Hum” is translated as “I Am That” Pronunciation: So – Hahmmm The two seed syllables inherent four polarities:

  • The polarity of female Yin energy, represented by So, and male Yang energy, represented by Hum;
  • The polarity of inspiration (So – cold air) and expiration (Hum – warm air);
  • The polarity of mental (So) and emotional (Hum) energies;
  • The polarity of spirit (So) and matter (Hum).

How to Meditate
Sit comfortably and quietly with your palms up, open, and placed on your knees and pay attention to your breath. Let your lungs breath with no effort on your part. Simply watch your breath. Inhale. Exhale. Silently pronounce So on inhalation and Hum on exhalation.

Hum means “I“or the individual ego; So means “He, the Divine”. In the natural course of So – Hum meditation, with the So going in, life energy goes in. When Hum goes out, ego, our limited individuality, goes out. Proper practice of So – Hum meditation leads to the union of the individual with the universal Cosmic Consciousness. No effort is required, no concentration, no judgment, just choiceless observation. In that state there is great joy, beauty, and love.

The best time to chant the So – Hum mantra is in the morning before eating breakfast. The chanting will release a finer energy that can be used throughout the day. An early evening meditation before having a meal will relax the body and renew energy depleted during the day.

For how long?
It is important that you sit silent and meditate after silent So – Hum chanting. You can start with 5 minutes silent chanting followed by 10 minutes of silent meditation.

Practice this easy meditation every day for at least ten to fifteen minutes (or longer) and you will discover for yourself the treasure house of meditation. 

Pranayama means control of breath. Vedic science teaches us how to control our mind by breathing practices. We also can use pranayama to activate male (solar) and female (lunar) energy then needed, or harmonize them.

TODAY’S TIP: It is important to meditate in a room that is not used very often and that feels to be your space (such as your bedroom). It shouldn’t be cluttered with too many things and should contain a window.